naFollowing it passionately and want to know every detailed update? Are you perhaps a late bloomer interested in getting familiar with this attractive sport? Playing it a bit yourself, for fun and recreation or even with some higher hopes and ambitions?
Either way, you’re at the right place. We have created a blog about tennis out of pure love and interest for this sport and we are passionately collecting all about it.
There’s a section designed for absolute beginners where you can read all about ways of playing, rules in tennis, basics of techniques and particular moves, methods of scoring, counting, winning, so as about basic equipment it takes to start.

The history of tennis spans several centuries ago, but England is considered for the birthplace of the tennis as we know it today. Since the moment it has overtaken croquet, tennis became international sport popular worldwide. The world of tennis is governed by NTA (National Tennis Associations) and ILTF (International Lawn Tennis Federation and since 1988. tennis is a medal Olympic sport again.
Its long lasting rich history and tradition are full of great stories, famous names, turbulent periods of sport evolution and thousands of epic moments. Blog created a whole section dedicated to the history and interesting stories from the world of tennis, where you can read a bunch of things, from historical events and chronologic overview to trivia about famous players or games. Here you will also find the full list of all medalists so far and the biographies of the greatest names equally from men’s and women’s tennis world.

The major focus of the blog is to keep you updated on the latest news. We’re keeping up with many local and all international competitions for man and women, updating lists regularly and keeping all currently leading players under the spotlight. The blog provides announcements for all upcoming events in the world of tennis, so as live streaming of all Grand Slam tournaments.
Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian open and the French open are followed closely and thoroughly, but we took our time to catch up with all professional levels and many minor tournaments.
Some of the greatest snapshots, scenes and captured pieces of tournament atmosphere are collected in blog’s gallery. We openly discuss latest impressions, make personal lists of various things, such as top rating opening and closing shots, analyze techniques, mistakes, winning points, and controversial moments and playing strategies. For those interested in trivia and gossips, we serve stories about latest affairs, positive testing, troubles with health of our greatest players and we follow closely upgrading careers of many promising youngsters.

In a separated section, you’ll find advice on how to practice your shots, technique and strategy if you’re playing it yourself, where to get quality equipment, how to improve your overall shape with specially designed sets of exercises.
To sum the long story short: the world of tennis is encapsulated at this place. Dive into it, find everything that interests you, keep your passion for tennis and join the world of tennis either as a lover following it closely or as a player enjoying it directly at the court.